A yield management and dynamic pricing solution built for container shipping lines

Liner trade management is a complex task. Maximising voyage revenue means optimising a cargo mix of contract, spot and now digital dynamically sold cargo, combined with balancing the container repositioning task.

“Our customers show revenue gains of 7% on average through the use of our software and services. Plimsoll can unlock these gains for shipping lines.”

Peter Brewer, CEO Maxamation

A yield management and dynamic pricing solution built for container shipping lines

Creating the optimal cargo mix and pricing structure in real time is virtually impossible for the trade manager to achieve manually.

The dynamic spot market is the only real time channel for a Trade manager to improve vessel yield which must be managed conjunction with the existing business model and cargo mix.

Plimsoll is the experienced integrator and enabler.

The future of liner pricing: set by the trade manager empowered by forecasting and optimising technology

The Plimsoll solution is focused on and delivered at a trade lane level, putting it in the hands of the trade managers whose decision making is empowered by technology.

  1. Trade lane forecasting and optimising software to guide trade managers on what rate level and how much allocation to sell dynamically on a specific vessel voyage.
  2. Trade management execution software to manage and give effect to these optimising decisions to deliver a dynamic price that is customer, cargo and vessel voyage specific.
  3. A customer digital interface to make rate requests, be delivered dynamic quotes and book.

Over 25 years of experience in price optimisation and liner shipping trade management

The underlying software components are in use today by airlines, shipping lines and their customers and are delivering significant value.

Yield management and dynamic pricing is transformational. It enables a shipping line to simultaneously improve their customers experience and the profitability of a shipping service.